‘Verdict’ by Agatha Christie is the opening production of the 2018-2019 season at the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse. It’s directed by actor, writer and director Parissa Zamanpour (whom I have photographed in several Garrick productions, including Go Back for Murder and Gaslight). ‘Verdict’ is based on a 1958 play and tells the story of a professor and his troubled relations with three women – his invalid wife, his wife’s cousin and carer and a spoilt student. Although there are typical Christie elements to the story there is another dimension added for its presentation on the stage, with more emphasis on the emotive responses to the story told rather than, necessarily, the suspense in ascertaining “whodunit”.

Christie wrote of the play, which is original material:

It satisfied me completely. I still think it is the best play I have written, with the exception of Witness for the Prosecution.

‘Verdict’ runs from today until Saturday, you can purchase tickets online here


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