With the advent of original content on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon (with more launching on the horizon), there appears to be an increase in television production across all sectors (beyond the traditional main channels). My biggest job of 2019 was a drama commission for the UKTV channel, Alibi. Inspired by an idea from famed crime novelist, Val McDermid, the show was written by actress Amelia Bullmore and produced by RED Productions and BBC Studios.

I worked on the production from May to August 2019. In addition to the production being filmed in its native Dundee, I was present on select days of filming in my local area of the North West (with Des Willie shooting unit stills and specials for the production up in Dundee).

What’s always nice to see after I’ve finished working on a job is how my still images are used in the marketing and promotion of a production. Kudos goes to Gem Pinkney, Kelly Phelps and the publicity team at UKTV for their fantastic promotion across print, web, broadcast and social media.

Below are a selection of my favourite images from filming.

Traces - image 1
Traces - image 2
Traces - image 3
Traces - image 4
Traces - image 5
Traces - image 6
Traces - image 7
Traces - image 8
Traces - image 9
Traces - image 10
Traces - image 11
Traces - image 12
Traces - image 13
Traces - image 14
Traces - image 15
Traces - image 16
Traces - image 17
Traces - image 18
Traces - image 19
Traces - image 20
Traces - image 21

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