Earlier in the autumn I photographed for The Royle Family – Joe’s Crackers which is due to be broadcast on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 9pm. I first had a chance to photograph for The Royle Family in late 2008, on The Royle Family – The New Sofa, when I followed around the brilliant Joel Pammenter, who was then the main unit photographer. Since then I’ve been the unit photographer for the Comic Relief special of The Royle Family, The Royle Family – The Golden Egg Cup, The Royle Family – Behind the Sofa and now The Royle Family – Joe’s Crackers. It’s a very privileged position to have and I love photographing for the show.

I’ve introduced my mum to the show over the past two Christmas specials and it’s now become a regular sit-down treat on Christmas Day. I’m looking forward to it again this year. One of the great things about television on Christmas Day is the exciting notion that what you’re watching is, more-so than usual, the same thing millions of other people are watching too. It should be noted that The Royle Family is centered on a family unit whose union is supported and strengthened by the presence of a television set. The irony clearly not lost on millions of households up and down the country as last year’s Christmas special was the highest rated show over Christmas week.

Here’s the official press release for The Royle Family – Joe’s Crackers from the BBC:

It is Christmas Day in the Royle household and Barbara is up to her eyes in it, as Jim is out of action following an unfortunate incident in the precinct. Dave and Denise are feeling the affects of the recession the most, and worry that Anthony’s lavish gifts will eclipse their gift of a fridge magnet.

Joe reminisces about a tipsy evening of naked wrestling in front of the fire with Bobby Carter, while Cheryl recounts her romantic encounter in

the local supermarket car park.


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