In the summer I took photographs for two documentaries based on the seminal Royle Family. The first is The Royle Family: Behind the Sofa and airs on Gold, on Wednesday 10th November at 9pm. It was shot on the Salford soundstage at The Pie Factory, which is based on the MediaCityUK site.

Here comes the PR bit, hope you like the photos 🙂

Throughout the 1990s, The Royle Family became the ultimate situation comedy.

Harking back to the halcyon days of British sitcoms, The Fast Show’s Caroline Aherne and her writing partner Craig Cash constructed a deceptively simple premise – write a comedy series based around one family who more or less lived in one room.

This boiled down and concentrated art of comedy became a huge, award-winning success; a sitcom that both reflected the 21st century British family’s tendency to use the television as the social glue that bound them together, and poked fun at it.

In this exclusive celebration of the sitcom – which has been a staple of British TV comedy for 12 years – the show’s fantastic ensemble cast (Liz Smith, Ricky Tomlinson, Ralf Little, Jessica Hynes and Sue Johnston) discuss what it was like being part of the most famous family in Britain. Creators and stars Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash also reveal the story and inspiration behind the Royles, and introduce material never seen before on British TV.


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