I recently visited Leeds and the incredible City Varieties Music Hall to provide publicity for BBC2’s ‘The Big Asian Stand-Up’ (part of the BBC’s Big Asian Summer season of programmes). Built in 1865, the hall is a Grade II listed building with most of its original architecture intact. The most striking feature about the hall, at least to me, are the stark shades of vermilion and gold, reminiscent of old-style music, theatre and variety halls. The venue featured in the popular BBC TV series, The Good Old Days, which ran from to 1953-1983. Thanks to sites like YouTube, clips of the show are available online, including this one featuring Bernard Cribbins, whom I have photographed for the CBeebies shows Old Jack’s Boat and Old Jack’s Boat: Rockpool Tales –

The Big Asian Stand-Up is hosted by Nish Kumar and the full cast list is as follows: Ahir Shah, Avuvab Pal, Emily Lloyd Saini, Eshaan Akbar, isma Almas, Mark Silcox, Mawaan Rizwan, Sukh Ojla, Sunil Patel and Tez IIyas.

Nish Kumar - image 1 The Big Asian Stand-Up Cast Mawaan Rizwan Sukh Ojla Sunil Patel Nish Kumar - image 3 Emily Lloyd Saini Avuvab Pal Tez IIyas Eshaan Akbar Mark Silcox Ahir Shah Nish Kumar - image 2 Nish Kumar - City Varieties Music Hall Isma Almas City Varieties Music Hall - Leeds


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