Last month I visited MediaCityUK Studios and snapped some publicity shots for the new series of Mastermind which starts tonight (August 10th) at 8pm on BBC2 for a 30 episode run. I used an Aquatech Sound Blimp and D3s for shots taken during recording and a D700 with my trusty Nikon 24mm f/1.4 for the portrait shots which were taken in the midst of filming. One of the quirks of photographing on the set of a television show is photographing when there’s – literally – a free moment so there’s hardly any time to set up. It’s good because you need to think on your feet and fast though sometimes I do umm and ahh when time is of the essence (when the hamster wheel in my mind is turning usually).

The presenter was particularly patient with me so if you’re reading this John – thank you 😉

Big thank you to Kaela Langan and all the brilliant crew behind Mastermind.


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