This is a follow-up to my previous Creeped Out post, featuring publicity images from the second set of episodes I photographed for back in autumn 2018. The images were for CBBC (in the UK) and DHX Media (in Canada) with Netflix holding worldwide distribution rights as a Netflix Original Series.

My remit was to provide unit photography for the show in addition to “specials”* of the key cast per episode (*specific posed photos taken against a set background/s with set-up lighting – in my case as detailed below). The remit was challenging because of the anthology nature of the series; a different week meant a completely new cast to photograph.

For the “specials” photos I called on my trusty Lastolite Hilite “pop up” backdrop which I transported to a number of spaces including a retirement home and the attic room of a house.

This was what the set-up looked like:

Lastolite Hilite set-up - image 1 - Vishal Sharma
Lastolite Hilite set-up - image 2 - Vishal Sharma

The first set-up was in a classroom (for the episode “The Many Place” where the hotel rooms and corridor were ingeniously constructed in a school hall) and the second set-up was at Victoria Warehouse (for the episode “No Filter” where the hall of “lost faces” was shot in one of the venue areas).

Studio photography is not something I ordinarily do but the Lastolite set-up provides a good complement to my unit stills shooting when such shots are required. (Note: I was originally asked to shoot against grey rather than white and so, as a compromise, I reduced the lighting of the background white of the shots photographed from hi-key to dull/off white.)

The second series of Creeped Out was split into two blocks which aired at different times of the year. Below are photos from the second block featuring my work on the episodes Splinta Claws, No Filter and Tilly Bone.

Creeped Out - Splinta Claws - 1
Creeped Out - Tilly Bone - 1
Creeped Out - No Filter - 1
Creeped Out - Tilly Bone - 2
Creeped Out - No Filter - 2
Creeped Out - No Filter - 3
Creeped Out - Splinta Claws - 3
Creeped Out - Tilly Bone - 3
Creeped Out - Splinta Claws - 4
Creeped Out - No Filter - 4

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