I photographed earlier in the year for Channel 5’s new thriller, ‘Cold Call’, which airs Monday November 18th at 9pm on Channel 5.

The show is based around the eponymous cold call which turns the life of care worker, June Clarke, upside down.

‘Cold Call’ is the first original drama commission for the channel in several years, produced by Chalkboard TV. The show was commissioned by C5’s commissioning executive, Sebastian Cardwell, and factors in C5 Director of Programmes’ Ben Frow’s challenge to UK producers to develop a series at £250,000 per episode.

It was a great show to work on with all the cast fully open to being photographed as naturally as possible on set. This has made for some great imagery which is currently being used to promote the series, some of which I’ve included below.

Tech note: I used my Nikon Z6 and Fuji XT-2 for silent on-set shooting.

Cold Call image 1 - Sally Lindsay
Cold Call image 2 - Sally Lindsay and Daniel Ryan
Cold Call - image 3 - Taj Atwal
Cold Call - image 4 - behind the scenes with Sally Lindsay
Cold Call - image 5 - Sally Lindsay
Cold Call - image 6 - Melanie Kilburn
Cold Call - image 7 - Sally Lindsay
Cold Call - image 8 - Sally Lindsay
Cold Call - image 9 - Sally Lindsay

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