On May 28th 2010, I photographed for Nine Live Media’s Small Teen Big World, a programme for BBC3’s Adult Season. Got to spend the day in beautiful North Wales, with a small intimate crew documenting 16-year-old Jasmine Burkitt and her mum Bev. The show airs on July 27th on BBC3 at 9pm. Here’s a breakdown of the show from the BBC’s website:

Being a teenager is tough, but for 16-year-old Jasmine Burkitt it is even harder, because she is just 3’8″ tall and only fits clothes designed for a seven to eight-year-old.

The 12 months captured in this documentary are the most important of Jasmine’s life so far. She goes to New York to meet others with similar genetic conditions; camps out at her first pop festival; celebrates her sixteenth birthday and tries to contact her estranged father who is average size. Unexpected events in this engaging teenager’s life make this a compelling film.

Big thank you to Kate Deadman, Kerry Brierley, Cat Lewis, Jas, Bev, Naomi and Ray for a brilliant day.


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