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Manchester Day Parade 2013

I took to the streets of Manchester this afternoon and grabbed some snapshots of the annual Day Parade on my Canon S95. The parade celebrates Manchester creativity and diversity and is a great opportunity for the community to come together. You can learn more about the parade and this year’s theme at the official site here

It’s been a few years since I’ve attended the Parade (due to realisation kicking in a week or so late), the last time I snapped some photos was back in 2010 for the very first Day Parade (with my Canon IXUS 210).

It was nice to take images for fun rather than work and the sun managed to stay out (for the most part). The vibe was surreal, hence my penchant for coloured filters. Enjoy!

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Manchester United 2013 Bus Parade

After twenty six and a half years, Sir Alex Ferguson called time on Manchester United with his final game at Old Trafford this past weekend, a 2-1 victory over Swansea. Celebrating their 20th league title (and 13th Premier League title), the Manchester United players made their way from Old Trafford through to Albert Square this evening on their parade bus. I caught it as it made its way onto Deansgate (and I think Shinji Kagawa got a snap of me – class!). Great atmosphere, great team, great evening!

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Nikon F100 with 50mm f/1.4G lens – Fuji Superia 400 film

A few weeks ago I decided to pick up a Nikon F100 camera from Ebay. While shooting digitally for work, I figured I’d like the option to shoot film for pleasure and have the fun of getting prints done (something I seem to have forgotten to do with all the digital family/personal photos I’ve taken over the last few years).

Earlier this week I loaded in some Fuji film, knocked off a few shots and – wow – the results were incredible. I got 7 x5 prints made up (with some of the most unreal colour I’ve ever seen) and a basic scan of the images on CD, some of which are included below.

What I was most impressed with was the higher dynamic range afforded by shooting on film. I found this illustrated really well by this shot:

Far from perfect, granted, there’s some colour fringing around my friend and his camera but on film (with matrix-metering) the camera matched what I was looking at. On digital, the image would have been a lot harder to get right. With digital I could’ve metered off the sky/background but then my friend would’ve been too dark, or I could’ve metered my friend but then the sky/background would’ve been too light. There are alternatives around this (exposure compensation, fill-flash) but I liked being able to point and shoot with the F100 without any elaboration and I loved the range of colours and luminance picked up. This is illustrated perfectly by this shot I made in Alexandra Park:

No polariser, no post-processing, straight-out-of-camera. Beautiful, gorgeous colours with the film matching my eye (and then some). Below are some more photos I took, I hope to add some more in the future (and work towards purchasing a Nikon F6).

The cost for my film was £4.99 from Boots and the processing was £15.49 from DS Colour Labs. It’s fairly pricey but it’s definitely worth it. Most of my Nikon lenses are G-type (i.e. with no aperture ring) but some Nikon film cameras work perfectly with these (the F100 and F6 most notably).

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