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Nikon F100 with 50mm f/1.4G lens – Fuji Superia 400 film

A few weeks ago I decided to pick up a Nikon F100 camera from Ebay. While shooting digitally for work, I figured I’d like the option to shoot film for pleasure and have the fun of getting prints done (something I seem to have forgotten to do with all the digital family/personal photos I’ve taken over the last few years).

Earlier this week I loaded in some Fuji film, knocked off a few shots and – wow – the results were incredible. I got 7 x5 prints made up (with some of the most unreal colour I’ve ever seen) and a basic scan of the images on CD, some of which are included below.

What I was most impressed with was the higher dynamic range afforded by shooting on film. I found this illustrated really well by this shot:

Far from perfect, granted, there’s some colour fringing around my friend and his camera but on film (with matrix-metering) the camera matched what I was looking at. On digital, the image would have been a lot harder to get right. With digital I could’ve metered off the sky/background but then my friend would’ve been too dark, or I could’ve metered my friend but then the sky/background would’ve been too light. There are alternatives around this (exposure compensation, fill-flash) but I liked being able to point and shoot with the F100 without any elaboration and I loved the range of colours and luminance picked up. This is illustrated perfectly by this shot I made in Alexandra Park:

No polariser, no post-processing, straight-out-of-camera. Beautiful, gorgeous colours with the film matching my eye (and then some). Below are some more photos I took, I hope to add some more in the future (and work towards purchasing a Nikon F6).

The cost for my film was £4.99 from Boots and the processing was £15.49 from DS Colour Labs. It’s fairly pricey but it’s definitely worth it. Most of my Nikon lenses are G-type (i.e. with no aperture ring) but some Nikon film cameras work perfectly with these (the F100 and F6 most notably).

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